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A summary of publications can be found at Scholar (Google), ORCID or ResearchID. My profile is online at Research Gate and provides links to online papers for registered users. Publications are stored in a reference database, further references are found in reference databases (Zotero and Mendeley). References for current research projects are collected at Bibsonomy.


  • Ozgur Kisi, Hazi Mohammad Azamathulla, Fatih Cevat, Christoph Külls, Mehdi Kuhdaragh, Mehdi Fuladipanah, Enhancing river flow predictions: Comparative analysis of machine learning approaches in modeling stage-discharge relationship, 2024
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  • Ibukun Ola, Carsten Drebenstedt, Robert M. Burgess, Martin Mensah, Nils Hoth, Christoph Külls, Remediating Oil Contamination in the Niger Delta Region of Nigeria: Technical Options and Monitoring Strategies, 2024
  • I. Ola, C. Drebenstedt, R. M. Burgess, M. Mensah, N. Hoth, P. Okoroafor, C. Külls, Assessing petroleum contamination in parts of the Niger Delta based on a sub-catchment delineated field assessment, 2024
  • M. Eliades, A. Bruggeman, H. Djuma, C. Christofi, C. Kuells, Quantifying Evapotranspiration and Drainage Losses in a Semi-Arid Nectarine (Prunus persica var. nucipersica) Field with a Dynamic Crop Coefficient (Kc) Derived from Leaf Area Index Measurements, 2022
  • Christos Christofi, Adriana Bruggeman, Christoph Kuells, Costas Constantinou, Hydrochemical evolution of groundwater in gabbro of the Troodos Fractured Aquifer. A comprehensive approach, 2020
  • Charalampos Doulgeris, Evangelos Tziritis, Vassilios Pisinaras, Andreas Panagopoulos, Christoph Külls, Prediction of seawater intrusion to coastal aquifers based on non-dimensional diagrams, 2020
  • Zehao Jin, Christoph Külls, FDM based OA-ICOS for high accuracy 13C quantification in gaseous CO2, 2020
  • Nina Krüger, Christoph Külls, Adriana Bruggeman, Marinos Eliades, Christos Christophi, Michali Rigas, Theodosia Eracleous, Groundwater recharge estimates with soil isotope profiles-is there a bias on coarse-grained hillslopes?, 2020
  • Amani Mahindawansha, Christoph Külls, Philipp Kraft, Lutz Breuer, Investigating unproductive water losses from irrigated agricultural crops in the humid tropics through analyses of stable isotopes of water, 2020
  • Evangelos Tziritis, Vassilis Aschonitis, Gabriella Balacco, Petros Daras, Charalampos Doulgeris, Maria Dolores Fidelibus, Elyes Gaubi, Moncef Gueddari, Cüneyt Güler, Fadoua Hamzaoui, others, MEDSAL Project-Salinization of critical groundwater reserves in coastal Mediterranean areas: Identification, risk assessment and sustainable management with the use of integrated modelling and smart ICT tools, 2020
  • Joseph Jobin, Christoph Külls, Matthias Arend, Marcus Schaub, Frank Hagedorn, Arthur Gessler, Markus Weiler, Application of a laser-based spectrometer for continuous in situ measurements of stable isotopes of soil CO 2 in calcareous and acidic soils, 2019
  • Anna Androvitsanea, Mohammad Fawzy, Johanna Fuchs, Christoph Jan Kuells, Henning Fahlbusch, Joachim Heiden, Hydrologische Bedingungen im Heraion von Samos vom 12. bis 8. Jh. v. Chr. und ihre Bedeutung für die wasserbauliche Infrastruktur, 2018
  • Gunther Ardelt, Christoph Külls, Horst Hellbrück, Towards intrinsic molecular communication using isotopic isomerism, 2018
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