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Water Security in Southern Africa

Water Security in Southern Africa: Sustainable and climate adapted Water Management in Mining in the Southern African Region (WaMiSAR)- Hydrogeological Information System and Toolbox for Secure Water Management. WaMiSAR considers the use of water as a resource from the start to the end of mining activities. Adapted solutions will be developed for the various challenges for mine water management.

  • hydrological and hydrogeological baseline studies
  • adapted revegetation and water remediation measures,
  • a toolbox for climate adapted water management in mining areas


 ISOMED The project ISOMED aims at developing innovative methods for estimating environmental flows with the ultimate objective of increasing water use efficiency and reaching sustainability. Sustainability is defined as resilient balance of water resources renewal and uses within hydrological systems under anthropogenic pressure at various scales.

  • sites in Cyprus and Jordan have been sampled for isotope profiles
  • novel recharge estimation methods have been developed
  • participative soil water monitoring for water flow accounting


 MEDSAL The MEDSAL Project aims to secure the availability and quality of groundwater reserves in Mediterranean coastal areas. This will be addressed by providing a novel holistic approach, towards the sustainable management of coastal aquifers. The origin and sources of groundwater salinization (GWS) are investigated in five different sites in Italy, Greece (2), Turkey and Tunisia. The project establishes a web-based observatory for the sites.

  • Deliver new tools for the identification of salinization sources and processes
  • Derive, build and integrate coherent and robust datasets related to GWS
  • Couple physical-based, isotopes, and geostatistical methods

Water and Water Culture at the Heraion, Samos

Water and Water Culture at the Heraion, Samos: In the DFG funded project the hydrological and hydrogeological system of the Heraion at Samos is investigated and explored. An extensive bibliography as been established Bibsonomy, groundwater models, hydrological models and hydrochemical and isotope analyses have been developped for the area.

  • Isotope analyses of sediments and groundwater
  • Determination of groundwater recharge, flood risk and groundwater regime
  • Hydrological and hydrogeological models have been developed for the basin

Completed Projects

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